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    Hello,,,,,I just had 25 baby chicks die, I have another 25 chicks on order coming 9/10. I have had chicks/chickens for 12 years and have never had a batch die on me, I am so sad and nervous. I am wondering what you all do when the chicks arrive that first day. Maybe I missed something?? I do medicated feed. Should I do vitamins and electrolytes in water too? I have cleaned all chicken coops since I have no idea what the chicks died from. What else should I do?
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    Oh I am so sorry for your losses! [​IMG] Here ya go:

    How to Deal With Travel Stress in Baby Chicks
    The genius of these products is they don't need to be digested. When chicks are stressed, it compromises their ability to digest helps. So we keep giving them helps they can't digest enough of to make a big difference. These products address that problem. I give my chicks 2cc's per gallon in their water for the 1st 4 weeks. ( or one squirt from the Goat formula per 1 qt. drinker. Or 2 dropper fulls per 1 qt. waterer of the Poultry or Pet formulas.) It really gets them off to a strong start. I use either the Goat, Pet or Poultry Formulas with good success. This last hatch, I ran out of formula. I could really see the difference. The chicks seemed to stay small longer and just didn't have that "busy" attitude I was used to seeing. Got some "Poultry" formula yesterday and they are now acting like the robust chicks I normally see. They are getting bigger, faster too.
    Tractor Supply has the best prices. 6.99 for Poultry 4 oz.; 9.99 for 4 oz. Pet formula; 11.99 for about 8.oz. of Goat formula. A little bit goes a long way, it is very concentrated.
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