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Jan 22, 2009
Middleburg Florida
This is our 1st hatch. Late last nite We had a chick pipping its way out and this morning its good. Then we had a 2nd one get out ok. After going to work my wife called and told me the 3rd chick had a piece of its shell stuck to its head. But it also has a round sack attached to its butt area. I'm going to try to post a couple of pic's. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have added the pics. So I hope this helps..
Looks like the yolk sack did not absorb all the way. I would say leave it be for a while and see what happens. There is nothing you can do to help and whatever you do don't try to take the yolk sack off. Keep the lid on the incubator closed and let the humidity keep things moist and hope for the best. I have seen on here that sometimes it will absorb and make it and sometimes it will not. But please just give it some time.
I can't see it close enough to know if it is an yolk sac but probably so leave it on and it'll dry up or be absorbed. If it dries up and still attached, you'll see that it is dried & dangling and cut off with sharp scissors,-- should be just a couple of days. I sometimes will segregate such a chick until this happens.
Yes, it is the yolk sack, keep the lid closed so the moisture stays up and hope for the best. Sometimes they will finish absorbing and be fine.

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