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Oct 5, 2009
Fort Smith, Arkansas
I just bought 3 chicks today and they have orange clips on their wings, how long do I leave it on and how do I get the clip off? I bought them at Atwoods and the guy told me it means they are female, which is what I wanted. They are Reds.

Thank you.
I took the clips off mine as soon as I got home. You can just pull them apart. It hurts the chicks a little, but only for a second.
Your header made me chuckle. My dear naive friend, YOU don't own chickens, THEY own you. You just serve them. They are the masters, requiring your attention by amusing you. You think you are running the show, but you are not. They are. Observe the way they look at you. They come running when they know you are near, but that is a clever ruse to occupy your time. You will spend large amonuts of cash on housing them, feeding them, and increasing their numbers, only to become their slave. They are relentless. And , I'm sorry to say, it's too late for you. You are now addicted, whether you will admit it or not. It's like the Hotel California; you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave......

And so true! I have 15 more potential chicken rulers in the bator right now. Hopelessly addicted!
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