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    Sep 23, 2010
    Hiya guys, Im a bit of a chick noob so please excuse me. I have been keeping chickens for awhile now but I have never had any eggs hatch before.
    Yesterday, I found a hatching egg in the hen house! Mum was pecking him (but there was no visible damage) so I quickly moved him to an incubator and he hatched last night at about 11pm. I left him in there all night and its now nearly 4:40pm but he isnt standing, just sitting on his hocks. Hes very active, shuffling on his hocks and pipping alot, the incubator is at about 90ish degrees and he has a nice warm brooder waiting. I put a towel on the floor of the incubator so he could stand ok but its like his legs wont support him even though he scrabbles around on them like crazy.
    Is this normal? Is there something wrong with his legs? This is my first chick so Im kinda paranoid ^^; Thanks in advance!

    Also, I went out today and found an egg shell under the mum which had blood on it, there was also blood on the other eggs so there must have been a fair bit. Part of the membrane was still in the egg and what remained of the air pocket was very small. Do you think that the chick started to hatch and the mum ate him? Im wondering if I should try and take the eggs off her? Thank you!

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