New Chick Won't Eat-Tips?


12 Years
May 28, 2007
Hudson Valley, NY
Picked up my chicks this morning (1 casualty) and there is one chick who just won't eat food. She drinks lots of water (with sugar), and sort of pecks at the food, but doesn't open her mouth. Any ideas on how to teach her to eat? Thanks!
Have you tried tapping/stirring the feed with your finger? Sometimes that helps (like momma hen showing them food)... although usually the feeding frenzy behavior of the other chicks does the trick. How about mixing up a little soft mash with chick food and warm water, and tapping it. The others should come running and if she tries it maybe she'll like it better. I have been making mash for the chick I am trying to fatten up and she definitely eats more of that than dry feed. Another idea is coooked, mashed egg yolk.
Good luck!
I've tried both, everytime she looks like she's going to peck, she runs over to the water dish and drinks instead. It's almost like she just doesn't know how to peck with her mouth open to pick it up. Humph. We'll keep trying...

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