New Chicken bullying!!!


9 Years
Apr 20, 2013
South Carolina
We just took in 2 Barred Rock hens that are 3 years old, we took them in for a friend that was having issues with their dog killing their chickens they had 10 but now only had these 2 left so I took them in so they wouldn't get killed by the dog or any other predator. When we finally put them in with our 8 hens which are between the ages of 18-21wks old they sparred off with some my dominant ones and of course they are bigger so now mine are scared of them. Well now the 2 news one won't let my 8 near the food or the water. Will they ever get use to each other and get along? Is there anything I can do to make them more comfortable together? Im clueless as to what to do. To make sure that my 8 get to eat and drink I go out there a few times a day and lock the 2 new ones up in the coop with some water so my 8 can eat and drink in peace. Any help would be appreciated.
Sometimes flock integration is accomplished in an uneventful fashion. Generally there are problems - chicken society/pecking order can be very harsh. Make sure that blood is not being drawn, provide feed and water in multiple locations and let them work things out.
I have put out 2 extra dishes of food. We have the nipple watering system so I put out a pot of water on the other end of the run. Hopefully they will start getting along soon.

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