new chicken coop need help locating a part


7 Years
Oct 4, 2012
Ok just finished my new chicken coop need help locating a part ive made my nest boxes and the way i made it i need a reverse hing to keep the kids from getting closed on there fingers a hing that will let the top go slowly down im not sure what it really is called but like a spring screen door hing just reversed springed
In the furniture world, that would be a soft close hinge. Used for toy boxes and such, it helps prevent the lid slamming on fingers. It would be cheaper to make a lighter door. These soft close hinges are for interior use and may not last outdoors.,41427

As an alternative, you could take a hinge with spring such as is used to close screen door and install it backwards so that the door had to be forcefully closed to latch. That might be a better solution.


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