new chicken introducing


11 Years
Oct 7, 2012
I have a question about introducing new chickens into my existing flock. I have 5 new pullets that have been in quarantine for a month. They are 15 weeks old so feel that they are big enough to fend for themselves once they are together with the older girls. My question is I have penned up a section in the older chickens run and will put them in there so that they will get use to each other. The run is covered. Do I need to bring the pullets back into the garage where they have been kept every evening or can they stay the night out in the covered run. There isn't a coop for them to get into.
If you live somewhere warm, I don't see why they can't stay out... As long as there's some where for them to huddle out of the wind they should be ok. Predators could be a concern...
I live in northern California and it has been warm during the day but in the 50's at night. I may put my dogs crate out for them to get into at night. I think 5 should be able to huddle in there ok. :)

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