New chicken owner! Boy or girl?


5 Years
Aug 1, 2014
I am new to chicken owning and I was curious what everyone's thoughts were about my 11 week old buff Orpington. I have contacted the company about her/him and they are telling me girl even though she/he has a dark comb. They say the feathering is looking like a pullet. Any thoughts?


From the side


Back of the neck


Close up
It looks to me like it's beginning to show the pointed sickle feathers of a cockerel as well, so I'm thinking it's a cockerel. However, Buff Orpingtons have proven notoriously difficult at times for BYC members to sex, so I wouldn't turn it into a fryer just yet.
Cockerel. At this age, it's the comb that tells the tale. He's too young to have reliable sex feathers, but they'll come over the next 2 months or so.
Thanks everyone! I personally think it's a boy. He even acts like a boy...very curious, always runs up to us. He hasn't crowed yet but he is always "talking" where the other three pullets don't make as much sound.
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