New chicken owner, sick chicken help!


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Jan 20, 2015
I'll try and keep it short and to the point. We recently moved to the country, built a coop and got chickens. We originally purchased 6 chicks from Rural King In January (buff orph, 3 wyandottes, amber link, barred rock) and added a rooster a couple months ago. We quarantined the rooster for about 3 weeks with no issues. He is so far a gentle rooster and I have not seen him harass the ladies (he is only 5 months old so that may change). In the end of March when I first put the young hens outside they gorged on grass and I suspected 3 had an impacted crop so I gave them some food with olive oil for a couple days and that cleared everything up. I have no problems with the grass since. I have no issues with 5 of the hens and rooster, but I am having issues with one of the hens. She is skinny, she seems weak. She is one of the hens that I thought had an impacted crop that seemed to clear up, but she still sometimes has a full crop in the morning, but it is not squishy or very hard. It just seems like it is slow to empty. She eats fairly good, but keeps losing weight. I wormed her with some Safeguard and she is on medicated chick feed. I have been putting electrolytes in her water also. She is isolated in a cage in our garage away from the other chickens. Her status seems about the same after a week of isolation and worming. She has no sneezing, running nose or anything. I know that layers are not as fat as meat chickens, but this hen is extremely thin I know something is going on. All the chickens were getting about 2 hrs of free ranging a night and also on the weekends. My sick hen is of course being kept inside and away from the other chickens. I don't see her get bullied away from food.

I don't know what else to do. Please help me fix my girl! Thanks in advance! Oh and I attached a picture of the coop. There are vents on the top of all 4 sides and a 2x2 window on the far side that has shutters that can open and close. I think they get enough ventilation.


PS sorry so many typos I am at work and trying to type this fast when no one is looking, haha

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Apr 22, 2015
Consider stopping the medicated foods. All animals/birds need a certain amount of GOOD bacteria in their system to digest their food properly. Medication can cause too much of the bacteria to be destroyed and that would explain the slow digestion-slow emptying of the crop. This may sound gross-take some fresh droppings from a healthy chicken and mix it with something you know she will eat. Then give it to her. This will not hurt her and it just might solve the problem of not having the right bacteria in her digestive system. There are many reasons why this could be happening. What I offer may help and it won't hurt the hen. Just be as sure as you can that the fresh droppings come from a HEALTHY chicken.

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