new chicken owner


May 2, 2015

Hi! This chick is around 6 weeks old. Bought as straight run assorted polish bantam. I believe a white crested mix? The pink on the nose bridge (is that what you call that area?) and the pink waddle is making me think maybe a roo. Also, the spikey hair. Reminds me a bit of Rod Stewart. He/she is very sweet and keeps to themselves most of the time.

Since I'm new and unsure about the gender, should I wait until they crow to find them a new home or should I go ahead and start looking now? I can't keep roosters due to the city ordinance where I live.

Your chick appears to be a White Crested Blue Polish, cockerel. Though, it is too young to be sure on gender.

This is an updated photo. No crowing. Back feathers are a bit rounded, but those waddles............ Bantam polish. Any chance at all that Don is a girl?

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