New chicken owners blindly building a coop & run


Apr 1, 2017
So my husband was just able to get started on our coop/run. We'll have 6 ladies living out there, they are currently just shy of 2 months old right now. These are our first chickens, so we are totally learning as we go.

After much googling, I just loved all the little western theme chicken towns I saw, and one in particular that was built by a member here, so we decided to go with that style (especially since my husband refused to go with my idea of Disney's Main Street USA as a theme lol) .
The coop will look like an old western style hotel, and then the run will extend over our concrete pad to the left of it, and then another part of the run will make an "L" turn at the end to give the girls some soft ground to peck around on as well.
Once it's all done and they are moved in, we'll add a faux front next to the hotel to continue our town just for looks (I want it to look like a feed store). It'll just be a wall built in front of the existing pen, and who knows what will follow....that's what I loved about this style, we can build an entire little town one day.

So here are progress pics. Slowly getting there. I hope it's done enough to be functional within the next 2 weeks so the girls can move in. He only has Sundays to work on it, so it makes progress take a while.

Wow, it's looking great! I love western themes. I can't wait to see your finished project!
More progress! The inside of the coop is functional, the run still needs to be finished (just the wire at tis point). After that's done we'll do the aesthetic stuff to the front of the coop. I'm also considering an automatic door - anyone have thoughts on those?

The girls spent their first night in the coop last night. They grow up so fast. Sniff.



Thank you all! We live in the very hot and humid south, so cooked birds was my biggest concern. I am hoping between the tree shade and all the windows it will stay nice and cool. Today it was 90, and the time I spent in the coop felt just as nice as it did sitting on my covered patio.
A few more the run finished enough that they could go out and enjoy it today! We need to add more dirt (and get some sand) to the concrete pad for them. This is just what I scooped up from the yard, we have a lot of loose, mulch like ground cover that just washes around in piles after it rains. It's pouring now, so I'll be able to get more tomorrow.



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