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Jan 13, 2020
Good morning my fellow chicken people I was up and at cleaning up poop at 5AM this morning getting ready for my day with my kids. They are doing fine and the 4 that are laying are out back doing there dance getting ready to lay there egg for the day.hope you all are doing well and your chickens are doing well to. I gave the girls popcorn yesterday and they loved it and what a joy to watch them eat it and fight over who was going to get which piece. Have a great day .

BY Bob

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Jan 1, 2016
Hershey, PA
I had one hen above all others that loved popcorn, Patsy. I would get a large popcorn at the movies just for the free refill. I would bring it home and Patsy would eat it for weeks.

Unfortunately Patsy passed on last fall. I have done the movie popcorn thing a couple of times since then but the remainder of the flock just doesn’t eat it like she did. Most of it winds up as compost in their run in the end.

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