New chickens! Breed help?!?!


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Needed a few more chickies for my flock and got these from farmer down the road. I am thinking blue Andalusian and speckled Sussex. Those are just quick guesses since I am new to the chicken world. Help from the experts would be great. Thanks

Agree the top one is a Speckled Sussex. Not sure about the second, do you know how old it is, is it a single comb? A Blue (Splash) Andalusian would usually have a big single comb, more Leghorn size.
I think maybe 20-22 weeks. Yes I would say single comb. Right now it is kinda a sad little combover growing more out than up :( the farmer also said she laid blue eggs which I have yet to see. But that doesn't make sense for a blue Andalusian.
Blue eggs are always fun, If she lays blue/green eggs, you have an Easter Egger, and it is probably a sort of modified peacomb from being crossed with something that has a single comb at some time.
First one looks like a speckled sussex. The other is not a splash andalusian, as her body build is wrong and she looks to have a light buff coloring around her face and comb.
2nd one is an easter egger if she lays a blue egg as Kelsie said. Could be a cross of many usually another ee (greenish eggs) or ameraucana (bluer eggs) crossed with a brown laying breed.
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The splash bird's comb is quite similar to what I've got from crossing a leghorn with an ee. So she could have an andalusian parent, or other Mediterranean breed, and an ee parent. The blue egg makes her an ee by default.

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