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May 23, 2020
Hi all. I have had my two Black Rock Hens for a week now, they have taken really well to their new home and happily jump back into the coop every evening when it's bed time.

My question is that in the day they aren't doing many chicken things, they just sit under a chair or hang around the patio doors all day. They have free reign of the garden with access to dirt, gravel, grass plenty of things to play on although they only stand around looking bored. I have moved their water and food to be closer to the action although they only wander there for a quick drink and a feed then return to either the small run or the patio doors. (They poo only on the patio!!)

Will this just be while they are settling in, I would like to encourage them to be more active although nothing seems to be working. Any advice is greatly appreciated

Hi there. They'll explore their area more as they get comfortable with their surroundings. You didn't list your location, is it hot? That could slow them down. You'll see the most activity around dawn and dusk though, they aren't necessarily active sll day. They don't have to forage to live.

You give them access to the garden? I do my best to keep mine out!

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