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    Jul 22, 2016
    So I made a mistake and added a few new hens to my flock without quarantining them. I noticed one of them had a glob of dried poop on its rear. The lady I got them from had 3 chickens smooshed in a small box and I just couldnt leave them however I did not do research on introduction until i already introduced them. My biggest worry in the one hen has clear poop and the glob of poop on her rear and I dont jnow what to do about it. Im new to this and just worried about my established flock as they are already belived pets.
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    Clean off the glob with a soap and water bath. Trim any excess feathers. Use some plain yogurt in their food twice a week for probiotics. Chickens can have watery stools in not weather from drinking large amounts. Locally, a vet may perform a fecal float on a few fresh droppings, to look for parasites.
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