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5 Years
Feb 16, 2014
Hello Everybody. Just thought I would share today's story with everybody. I am really excited because this past week I finished expanding our coop and I finished yesterday. So today went down to my friends farm where she breeds many different chickens. I got a variety of breeds to add to my existing flock. I purchased 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 French Black Copper Marans, 2 Easter Eggers, 1 Brown Leghorn, and 1 Splash Maran. All of the chickens are hens and all are just starting to lay. Everything has gone well but I know there will be some pecking order problems in the morning. I have a picture below and will post more tomorrow. Thanks.

Sounds like a nice group you got there! I would like to see a picture of that egg basket, would be a colorful one!
Oops - sorry - was in the wrong thread - I agree - a colorful egg basket is fun.
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Thank you - I was going for both friendly breeds and a colorful egg basket.
Since they are my first chickens, I wanted to try a few breeds to see which work out best for me.

I did the same! I have such a mix, but it really works out great! I have an easter egger, lavender orpington, bantam salmon faverolle, a big brahma, a porcelain silkie, and 4 faverolle chicks all guarded by my teeny tiny serama rooster. It took me a while to get my collection but I love the idea of sampling the breeds!
Thanks everybody. They are all warming up to my previous flock. Here are some pictures of the newbies!

Here are the twins! (not really but they look so alike) they are the Rhode Island Reds.

The two Easter Eggers!

The two French Black Copper Marana. Second Picture is not the best, she was laying and didn't want me getting to close.

My rare Blue Maran! She is my favorite!

Not the best picture but behind the rock is little leghorn, the pecking order isn't treating her nicely.

Pictures of some ladies a part of my other flock!

And finally a picture of the egg basket, the dark egg on the left is a French Black Copper Maran egg, obviously the green eggs are Easter egger eggs, the cream colored eggs are Barred Plymouth Rocks, the darker eggs are Rhode Island Reds.

Thanks, TheEggCollecter!
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