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    Mar 16, 2015
    recently my 6 chickens were attacked by a dog. we now only have 3 and one has a few clumps of feathers ripped out of her. they were the best little hens ever and were so full of personality. but we have an amazing friend who is moving soon who just gave us two of his chickens. it warms my heart to see 5 chickens instead of three. it doesn't look that lonely or depressing anymore. we now have
    2 buff orpingtons
    1 amerucauna (i probably didn't spell that right) ;P
    1 really beat up barred rock
    and 1 dark cornish
    all of them are hens[​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry about the attack on your chickens. [​IMG] Its nice of your friend to give you some more "babies"! Enjoy!

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