New chicks bought after work.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Rwood5093, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Dec 30, 2016
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    So, I bought 6 EE's from TSC this evening. Came home, setup the brooder and MHP, and added the chick's. I dipped their beaks and gave them a quick once over, but they all just stood there and peeped loudly. I got several drops of nutri drench water on their beaks and they all seemed to swallow, but none of them has drank anything voluntarily. I scooted them all under MHP and they all fell asleep. We are not far behind.

    Is it a big deal if they wait till morning to get up and drink? I left the light on hoping they'd warm up then come out and explore, but they're sleeping. All lights are going off soon.

  2. My chicks I have raised have had light....Red light from a heating lamp...They normally eat 24 hours a day......

    Not sure what others do?.....

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    Your chicks are normal. Let them sleep. You get some sleep.

    In the morning, run them through the water drill once more. You will probably see them drink more often since it will be day time, and they will be naturally more active. Make a "weak tea" from the Nutri-drench for their water bottle, and mix it fresh each day for the next week.

    Chicks under the heating pad system will sleep all night and will not wake to eat and drink. This is also how chicks raised by a broody hen behave. The wonderful thing about MHP is it simulates a broody hen, giving chicks a healthy day/night rhythm. It also gives you a good night's sleep, too, not waking up to hear the chicks peeping and worrying why.
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    Make sure you have them under a chick heat lamp. They have to stay warm. Continue to dip their beaks into the water frequently. Keep your receipt from TSC. You may need a refund. They may just be tired.
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    The Drench will combat travel stress. Good for you!! Keep them warm, probably need light 24/7. They cannot thermoregulate at this age.
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    We lost one this morning. I think it wasn't well all along, as it wasn't the perkiest when the guy boxed it. It was getting trampled by the others this am, so I separated it and tried to save it, but it didn't make it. Had another one start acting unwell, and thought it was dead, so I went back to TS and got two replacements. Came home and it was a little better and is now back in the brooder.

    Now, they are acting just like my last batch and I feel relieved. Thanks ya'll!

    I guess these had just come in yesterday afternoon. While I was waiting my turn, a family was in there and said 'these weren't here yesterday'. So it was a big day for these guys. Now all 7 seem to be happy in their new home.

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