New Chicks constant loud peeping


May 8, 2015
Hi all! We are new to this forum and today we got our first baby chicks. There are four of them, I set up their brooder exactly as I should but I have one chick who is constantly loud peeping. when I go over to her she quiets down. But when I leave, same thing. What do i do?!
Seems like there's always one in every bunch who wants to train us to do things his/her way! Silly chickens! I don't know what kind of brooder set up you have (pictures always help) but if you are using a heat lamp check to make sure it's not too hot in the brooder. I know, it seems like if there was a problem they'd all be complaining, but sometimes that's just not what happens! There was a thread on here several months back ; "Does Every Flock have a Complainer" and judging by the responses the answer to that is a simple, "Yep."

If you are using the heat lamp and temps seem okay, then has she had a good drink of water? I know you have water in there, but if she didn't learn how to drink it then it does her no good. Same with food. Once you know that the temps are okay, she's eaten and had something to drink, it's time to get creative.

Pick up a feather duster. Kassaundra puts a feather duster on one side of the brooder - just suspends it there - and the chicks love to go under it like they would a Mama Hen. Gives them a feeling of security and a few precious moments out of the glare of the heat lamp. They still stay warm too.

Personally I believe chicks need rest - a full, recuperative rest, every night to alleviate stress and thrive. Otherwise they are in the same temps with the same light levels all the time, and just as soon as one collapses into a nap the others will tromp over the top of her! Hard to sleep that way. They usually end up awake most of each 24 hour period. So I brood with a heating pad and a cave, and it works great. Here's what it sounded like at our house when we had 11 chicks in an indoor brooder: The video starts out dark.


Give the feather duster a try...she may just want out of the bright light. And welcome to BYC.
Thank you so much!!!! She quiets down when I go over there and then she falls asleep. So I'm hoping she's not attached or anything. I will try the feather duster! That's a great idea!!! This site is great! I've learned so much already!!!
Sounds like she's got you trained well already! Like I said, seems to be one in every flock, and as long as you're sure she's not in any true distress, I wouldn't worry. Hope the feather duster works for you!
Those chicks that seem to be always voicing an opinion almost always turn out to be precocious little twerps that seem to have your number from the start and become adept at manipulating you into servicing their many needs and wishes even after they grow up. I have one who is extremely so.

One thing that could explain this chick's "complaining" might be its color affecting the amount of heat it's absorbing, making it uncomfortably warm or cold. If it's very dark, it could be too warm, if it's very light-colored, too cool. Some chicks are more high strung and sensitive than others, just like us humans. Even a tiny thing like capacity for heat absorption could affect a chick's comfort level. Just one more thing to consider, but it's not a life or death matter as a rule.

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