New Chicks(ens), help me name them! Clear pictures of them all!


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Jun 2, 2011
Seattle, WA
I just got 11 adorable new chickens!! 7 of them are chicks, 4 are adult seramas.
I prefer names for both genders for the silkie chicks, since they are a straight run, but if you have a really cute hen name thats fine!
Also I should note that the Star and the Welsummer are supposed to be females
Here they are:
1. My Black Star female! Not a silkie

2. My buff silkie, had her eyes closed most of the time until she was 5-6 days old, now they are open

3. My white silkie, very chirpy on the day of the photo shoot!

4. My black silkie chick, super cute and friendly, my favorite! likes to just perch on my hand and is very quiet! Also the runt of the silkies, only like 2 inches tall at the shoulder

5. My light blue silkie( could one of the blues be a splash?)

6. My dark blue silkie

7. My tall gangly welsummer female!!

Now for the Seramas!!
1. My Black Hen

My rooster, his tail looks ugly because he is molting and has been breeding for a while before I got him

My other black hen, the older one

and my mottled hen, shes so pretty!
I usually like picking themes for my chickens, so here are some ideas:

5 Silkies
Snow White/Charming
Sleeping Beauty/Prince Phillip
Rapunzel/Flynn Rider

1 Black Star
Maybe something like Galaxy or Pluto

1 Roo Serama
Alfalfa or Carnation

3 Hens Serama
Brome or Rose
Prairie or Daisy
Fescue or Lily
haha I must add cute pics of them just now!

4 of them Hanging over the edge of the box, the white chick is under them, you can see its eye though inbetween the black and the buff
Thanks! Yah you are good at chicken names, usually when people post names I dont like them. Mostly because they put names such as KFC, or names that involve cooked chicken, or its something that is not creative like: Bob.
I can rarely name a chick. I wait until they earn a name that fits. I've tried naming chicks before and almost all are renamed as teens/adults when they start displaying their personalities.
In order of pictures:
Tinker or Balto
Blossom or Fluffles

P.S. Most of these names are from my "chicken list"!
If you want I can send you the whole list
Oh, and where did you get your chicks?
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