New chicks hatching and I have questions!


7 Years
May 24, 2012
Suddenly I realize how unprepared I am. I have baby chicks hatching from my incubator today and have only ordered from hatchery places in the past. What do I do about getting them vaccinated for Marecks? Did I spell that right?

I also have a broody sitting on eggs and I'd like to mark the chicks to keep track of them. Can I put bands on newborn chicks? Or within a few days of them hatching?

Also most importantly, I have chicks pipping, should I turn the heat down in the incubator or leave it up for a certain amount of time?
I've never hatched but from what I have heard the vaccine for Marecks is only available in batches of about 50 doses. Yes you can band the chicks at whatever age. Just keep an eye open to make sure they don't get too small. Sorry can't help with the hatching questions. Might check in the learning center.

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