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well i have chicks that hatched yesterday...i let them dry and moved them to the brooder they have water in the brooder but i need to pick up some chick starter tomorrow....what can i feed them today.. as i cant get feed till monday...I know there should be ok for a bit with just water,but if i have somthing here i can give them to eat ...well at least i would feel better...(there laying chicks)
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When that happened to me, I broke up a little layer and gave them that. I didn't think they would get so much calcium in one day that it would harm them.
i dont have layer feed ...never had layers before...just MEATYs and well not at this time of year....the thing i have is here is rabbit pellets...was wondering about the pellets crushed up would be ok for a day...
What about some frozen vegetables? Or you could even try canned ones, but they have a lot of salt in them.
Soak your rabbit pellets in water, until it kind of like mush. It would be great for your chicks.
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The vegies will thaw very rapidly once they are out of the freezer, so I think that with a course chop, that the chicks would be willing to eat them. Don't put a lot into the brooder until you know that they will eat it. I wouldn't try more than about 1/4 cup to about 1/2 cup max at first.
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I did a little research. One person suggested feeding mashed hard boiled egg and broken up breakfast cereal the first day, which I would do only if the cereal wasn't full of sugar. If you keep oatmeal you could run it through a blender and use that, no need to cook. One fellow says he routinely feeds his chickens a mixture of rabbit food and scratch -- these are evidently mature chickens. Certainly you could feed egg. They really should have some form of grit if you feed veggies; a little sand is fine. Some kinds of people food should be fine -- seems like mashing up a bit of a leftover casserole, for example, would work. Perhaps offer a few different things and see what they will eat.

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