New Chicks, one not well


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Apr 21, 2012
I just got a shipment of chicks (through mail) early this morning. There were two chicks, that weren't doing very well. I put them in a small box together, (the worse one was getting trampled) and under heat lamp, I dunked their beaks in sugared water, every 10 or 15 minutes for several hours. One seems to be perked up and doing well, while the other, who perked up for a bit, seems to be worse again now. Do I just have to let this one go? or is there something else I can do for it?

Thanks for your help!
I figured it might be time to let go. just bugs me that it was doing so well, then it just sorta gave up. Thanks.
You said in a small box under a heat light, is he able to move out from under the heat if he gets to warm? Hope he perks up for you.
Yes its the box they came in, I put a therometer in there to keep an eye on the temp, and it varies from 92 to 100 from one side to the other. It was doing well, and started to walk and cuddle with the other chick. Would shake its head now and then, and move from time to time. But now it just lays out, nearly flat. I know its "just a chick" but, it was one of the salmon faverolles, and I love them, I just wanted it to make it. However, I'm pretty sure, its not going to last much longer. It doesn't even try to drink anymore. Wont open its eyes. So I'm afraid this is the end for this one. Looked like it had gotten trampled by the others, couldn't even move on its own when I opened the box. I know these things happen.

Thanks for replying.
If it's splaying out it could be to hot. I would make sure it can get to a shady spot away from under the light. Sorry your dealing with this. :(
I did try moving it, first to warmer spot, then cooler spot, etc... as well as trying to get it to drink. Nothing worked. It passed on about 4:25 (Eastern time). But out of the two are were not well, the other is doing very well, as well as the others now. So I'm thankful for that.

Thanks for your help.
So sorry, I'm sure you did everything you could. Being shipped is stressful. Very glad your other ones are doing well.

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