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May 21, 2014
West GA
Hey Guys! I have a few questions for ya. We currently have 4 hens in a little chicken tractor and just as I suspected DH easily fell in love and wants more, yay! He is goin to help me build a small barn within the next month or two which we plan on using for our goats and (a room in the back) for more chickens. I was really hoping to be able to sell eggs at the farmers market next summer along with our vegitables. so my questions are:

In west GA, is it a totally horrible idea to get chicks NOW? lol. We have a nice garage that can hold them as long as they need (i was thinking maybe 8 weeks?) and then they can move out to the coup in the barn which should have pleanty of room to act as a brooder until they are ready to go out side, i believe. Any thoughts/flaws in my plan? its been almost a lifetime sense ive had baby chicks. lol.

next, is there any thing i should be worried about with mixing breeds? Will it be a problem to throw a few silkies in there with the full sized hens? A few marans for fun?

Im sure its on here somewhere, but i couldnt seem to find it again, where do you all recomend ordering your chicks from, and is there a lond waiting period, or how long does it take for them to arrive? cause the brooders or ready and so are we! lol

Does anyone have thoughts about what color eggs sell best at market? I thought easter eggers would be fun, but would that put some ppl. off? I am also interested in having some really strong layers to keep up during the winter. I think i heard red sex links were good for that? Thanks!!



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Apr 3, 2014
Raising chicks at this time of year is just fine! Red sex links are good layers, but so are Black sex links. Black sex links are my favorites because they are so friendly and they are so pretty and good layers!


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Aug 11, 2012
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This is my FAVORITE time to brood chicks. I get to spend time with the babies in the winter and then in the summer I can spend all the time with my older birds.

I have Red Sex Links. ISA Browns...they are my best layers. They lay really good size brown eggs. They are all very friendly. They are 3 years old and still lay an egg a day! They also didn't really stop laying during the winter. I didn't even use supplemental lighting last year.

I have Barred Rocks, they are okay layers...and friendly. They did lay through the winter also.

I have two Buff Orpingtons, and they just started to lay...however their eggs are really small. I hope they get bigger in time. But they are so funny and so personable.

I would think anyone buying fresh eggs from the farmers market would be looking for brown eggs. Just my best guess!?!


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Sep 22, 2014
I just got a batch of chicks last week. It's fine to order now! (I live in GA too!) I got mine from Murray McMurray and they are fantastic! This is my 2nd time ordering from them. They are very helpful if you have any questions online and over the phone. Very nice. You could get a batch of chicks next week from them, depending on availability of what kind of chickens you are wanting. I wish you good luck!

P.S. My Speckled Sussex lay an egg a day, and layed through the winter.


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May 26, 2011
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Hey! Let me try an answer some of your questions.

#1: Yes! It is a perfectly okay time to get chicks. To be honest I order all my springtime layers in August so they will be laying and breeding way before springs comes around and people are wanting chicks.

#2 As for mixing breeds, there isn't a problem with it. IF you are raising them all together. If you have a grown hen and then throw a younger silkie in and they have never met the poor silkie may not make it out alive. I raise all my chicks together and separate them when they begin breeding age. If you are wanting a mixed flock and just get chicks to where they will be raised together it is perfectly fine and they will get along just fine. Just don't hatch their eggs or you will get some funny looking chickens.

( I will say sometimes silkies don't do well in particular when they get older. The bigger chickens tend to take advantage and boss them around. They are VERY submissive birds.)

As for where to order them from, thats up to you! I prefer getting my birds from local breeders but its not always possibly. Especially this time of year. I order my chicks from Cackle Hatchery. Mainly due to being able to see their breeder flocks on youtube and knowing the stock the chicks are coming from. Lots of places have a pretty picture online but for some reason the chick you get grows up to be something waaaayyy different than the show quality picture online.
If you are just wanting them for pets and eggs. Hatchery's will do just fine.

This time of the year though they may be booked with shipments and I know they stop shipping chicks in the next upcoming months. You will just have to look around. Here is

Good luck!!


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May 21, 2014
West GA
Thanks guys, i just ordered some easter eggers, black and red stars, RIR, marans, and white leghorn & mystery chick. from murray. They seemed really nice, like they keep their chickens in good conditions and quite fast. So were really excited! now for some homemade feeder & waterers for the brooding boxes and were ready to go! Weve got two boxes, set up with paper towels, red lamps, electrolites and organic starter. Suggestions for diy feeder/waterers anyone? Also anyone have any idea how much starter we should expect to go through with 16 chicks? Thanks!

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