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Dec 6, 2020
Western Washington
New here and looking into info for building / buying a coop in Western WA. I found one online that seems like a good starter/real good deal but am hesitant. Is it normal to use a pop up tent to keep the coop and run dry or should the coop roof itself be enough? We had plans to build our own coop but again came across this one that's 4x12 and includes a decent amount of bedding/food/lamps/feeders, etc. so we are considering using it as a starter. Any advise appreciated!

I don't know why I didn't think of that, this is from facebook market place.
Odd, I see no mention of the "pop up tent to keep the coop and run dry".
Maybe that was your idea?
The 100 lbs of feed? I'd be very leery of that, feed needs to be fresh.
Have to wonder why all this stuff is for sale.

Anyway.... yes, it's a prefab coop/run combo.
Not good chicken housing.
The pop up tent was mentioned in messaging with gentleman about the coop.

Sounds like it will be worth waiting and constructing our own coop!
Mention by the seller?
Huge red flag...the coop may already be leaking.

Building your own coop is a lot more work and expense,
but's it's kind of a cry now or cry later scenario.
If you do a search for prefab coops here you'll read a litany of sad stories.

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