new coop in process--roof and run questions

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    Dec 6, 2011
    I am retired in Florida but will fly to los gatos CA for Christmas to build my 3 grandsons a deluxe 8x10 chicken coop. We are building wooden stud walls 16"OC and the walls will be 6 feet tall. We are fabricating roof trusses using 2x6s w gussets and collar chords 12 inches above wall height which will give us ample headroom. We will have 8 inch eave overhang and 8" gable overhang. Los gatos seldom sees snow or freezing conditions.
    We are building high on a hill in terrain which features, coyote, possom, racoon, hawks, eagles, bobcat and even mountain lion. We will be adding electric hot wire predator protection and a chicken access door that is timer controlled. The design includes slide out feces trays under the roosting area that can be easily hosed off outside the coop and nesting boxes w external access. We plan on 10 Americauna hens and no rooster (neighbor issues)

    I have a couple questions re roofing and run. I am thinking of using corrugated metal roofing installed on purlins running horizontally acoss my rafters. Do I install a roof vent before installing metal sheathing? My rafters are 66 inches. Should I use 3 strips of corrugated wood under each section of metal roofing? Are these metal panels easily cut w a circular saw w metal cutting blade? Is metal roofing significantly better than fiberglass roofing?

    We are thinking of a permanent run 9'6" x 25 feet by 6 feet tall. Heavy gauge wire for walls installed on PT 4x4 posts w 4x4 cross beams supporting heavy gauge wire for hawk protection. Additional hardware cloth extending 12 inches below ground level. Three grandsons can fight over who gets to rake the chicken yard this month and wheel the debris to open pasture 300 yards away.

    Any tips or suggestions very much appreciated. I fly to CA 12/19 and expect to be ready to roof by Christmas Day
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    Over 66 inches, running three purlins is plenty.
    I've only used tin snips to cut the cor. metal...pain in the butt
    We've used metal roofing and Ondura type roofing. The Ondura was easier to cut/work with. I'm sure the metal roofing is more durable though.
    I would def. install your ridge vent/roof vent before laying your metal roofing.

    Sounds like that's going to be some coop when it's done!! You need to have someone take lots of pics along the way to document progress/steps!!

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