New Coop is Near Completion - several pics UPDATED PICS ADDED


9 Years
Apr 27, 2010
North Carolina
My new coop is near completion, just a few details to wrap up. This is my second coop and this time around I wanted to include some of my learnings from the first time through. I also researched many coops here where I found many great ideas, hoping I can return the favor by posting some pics.

I wanted something that I could stand up in so a full size front door went in

Clean out door that lets me sweep out the coop floor, above the clean out door is 3 nesting boxes

Also went with sand in the run, and love it. Can't see it here but I used a cutting board for the pop door and an electric motor and timer to open and close the door

Some storage space on the other side with another nesting box above the storage space

4 ft x 8 ft coop and 8 ft x 12 ft run

Window on each side for ventilation and hardware cloth to keep predators out

Nesting box and clean out door

All are welcome except Mr. Fox, Mr. Racoon and Mr. Possum

Girls really do seem to like their new digs, and you can see a little of the linoleum floor which is incredible for clean up

Have to name it don't we...
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That is one cute coop! You did a great job!
Great looking coop. Just when I think I know what I want to build something like this shows up! I guess I need to go back to the drawing board! Great Job!
Looks wonderful! You have incorporated many good ideas! What type of sand/where did you buy and what is under the sand? My chicks are almost 3 weeks and trying to finalize my coop plans but everytime I look here and see a new one, like yours, plans change! My husband said "Just decide already! They're chickens!" He doesnt share my affection quite yet....

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