New Coop, New Chickens


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Mar 27, 2014
Southern CT ... Brrrr!
I've recently finished a brand new coop for my six hens. Also, I've been given another hen and a rooster. Last night, I moved my girls after bedtime to the new space and put the newbies in there too. I plan to leave them all together and cozy-like :). For two more nights then let them free range the third morning ... I've still got the old coop in place ... It's tiny so I could up and move it. Any suggestions for ensuring old flock is used to new coop so I'm not chasing chickens every night?
After a few days they should get the hint. If not, try a few days longer. When I had a my broodies hatch chicks I put them in their own separate places inside for about 5 days. They stayed put until it was time to go back to general population and I allow mine to free range all day.

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