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    May 10, 2011
    Finally able to begin on the new coop! After all the storms and we have had a streak of more rain plus unusual cold weather, I get to begin on my new coop!

    Scary image below! [​IMG]
    This is what is left of my little coop after the big bad ugly winds went rushing through and all the rain, this is a 12x12 shed, not a true 12x12, and the back of the garage, that little tarp 'box' is what was a hen house built only for 2 hens and a dog house they like to get into.

    I am repurposing material, we just went and tore down an all metal 10x12 shed that got flipped when a tornado went through the neighboring town, it still has undamaged sheets of metal [​IMG]
    I am also picking up pallets to use as well [​IMG]
    I will post pics as I go, I think it is going to be as I go project our goal is to teach the children to be resourceful, most all materials we are going to use is repurposed/recycled items [​IMG]

    I have been gleaning from everyone's posts and have been inspired by all the coops I have seen. I accept all suggestions and anything I need to be aware of, we have a mixed flock, 2 older hens, 1 isn't going to be with us much longer and the other one seems to becoming more aggressive toward the pullets/cockerel, at roost time we separate them into their own houses to keep the fights down and they free range all day and sleep under the awning on the back of the house.
    Or sleep here, my poor bean plants [​IMG]

    My question is about flooring, I have read many flooring options but what about vinyl wood flooring,snap and lock panels, while cleaning out my shed I found 1 box of left over vinyl wood flooring that doesn't match anything in the house, so it must have moved with us from the other house, anyway, I thought about laying down a wood base and the covering it with this and maybe up the wall, would that work or be not a good idea, I was also going to do the deep litter method too.

    Also, how does a mesh/wire floor work, I read others use this method with deep litter and couldn't picture in my mind how a floor like that would work.
    I am open to all options and suggestions, I am laying down the 'foundation' tomorrow and getting all my materials laid out to begin the building project.

    Thank you guys, your the best and I will keep reading, sketching and taking notes [​IMG]
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