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    Since the weather broke (no longer a gazillion degrees outside) I’ve been able to work on the new coop. I’m hoping to have it done before I head back to work/school on Monday. The Girls will be 17 weeks old then and hopefully lying soon.

    Since the weather change I’ve gotten all the roof supports in. Gotten the wire up over the windows on the sides and front. I put up 2x4 welded-wire but will be putting up chicken wire or hardware cloth on the inside so nothing can get its hand in. Also got on a coat of paint. It’s pumpkin orange, lol Hey it was only $5 at Lowe’s!!

    Here it is from the side.

    From the front.

    That’s the door lying there on its side that I will be putting on. Big and heavy. If you notice I’ve raised the pop-door for them to go out and free range from down low to higher up. 2 reasons 1—I’m hoping it will stop Tessie my “headless chicken” from getting out and free ranging. She just can’t get away from anything that may try to eat her. 2---I’m hoping it will deter dogs that may be after the chicken from getting into the coop. The pop-doors are only 9x12, just big enough for my fat arse sexies to get in and out.

    Out the back.


    Rear pop-door. They will have access to the run 24/7. I’m hoping to put a solid roof over the coop sometime this winter. (After I am back to work and actually have some money to spend!!) The whole backside of the coop will be attached to the run so that no critters can get in.

    I still need to put on the tin roof, finish painting, and frame out the door and windows. I have some lightweight Polycarb that I’m going to use to cover the windows when it gets colder. I’m also looking into Plexiglas but I’m sure that is way too expensive.

    So whatcha think?!

    PS. I have 1 1/2 ft of 2X4 welded-wire around the entire base, actually under the walls to help stop critter from digging under.
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  2. Omeletta

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    I think it looks awesome, Coyote. About the windows...we went to a glass store and asked for scraps to buy, we got alot of glass for $8. Then we made a type of frame, very simple, and siliconed it in place to stop leaks and drafts. Very cost effective, and easy to clean. I love the trap door! Big butted chickens, LOL! Take care...
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    Watch for someone replacing thier window. Your coop doesnt need triple pane andersons, an old window would work even if the fram is broken you can frame in the glass part. I used two sliding glass doors for my windows, took them out of the frame (which leaked and is why they were replaced) built my own frame and now the chickens have 2 4ft x 7ft windows my doors came from an auctin for $2 a piece, and I haven't heard a complaint from any of the tennents yet [​IMG]
  4. Dawn419

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    Apr 16, 2007
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    Looking good!!!

    I can sympathize with you on it taking longer than you thought. [​IMG]

    We bought our kids playhouse back in November and are still finishing the run for it. DH is working 60 hours a week and there is only so much I can do here by myself. We got the last cattle panel hoops up this past weekend. I'm just past the half-way point on the back-end panel as far as getting the wire attached because of the 100 degree temps and I was hoping I could move the gang this coming weekend. NOT!!! Still too many little jobs to finish before I can finish and it's driving me batty! [​IMG]

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    Coyote...Looking great! Your chickens are going to be Soo happy to get out there. As for the windows....there are several!

    1) Go to the Goodwill store. Look for those cheap "glass" cutting boards. They will let light in...and you can frame it like a picture..put it on hinges, and can still open it.

    2) ( This is what we are doing) Welded wire in the window....then a wooden "door" that will latch shut for winter, with a piece of thick styrofoam that will be removeable come spring.

    3) post on freecycle for your area...or craigslist, you are in need of old windows. ( and roofing materials)

    Good looks great...and I LIKE the orange..
  6. AtRendeAcres

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    Looks Great!
    I also can sympathize with taking along time; Just converting my shed took 6 weeks!


    how do you like the chick n barn?
  7. Dawn419

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    Apr 16, 2007
    Evening Shade, AR
    Quote:We love it although there are a few things we'd the sliding pop hole doors and the egg doors. DH took measurements of each piece when we set it up, so we can make our own from here on out instead of spending that much $$$ again.

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