New coop will it be secure any suggestions?


10 Years
May 24, 2011
I was wondering if this coop looks safe for our girls? Do we need to shut the door every night? With Hardware cloth on the bottom is that secure against raccoons?

Back view door to storage, roost, bottom level. And run

Side View

Front view

Side view with doors open

Top of run

Top floor Roosting area

Bottom floor , nesting to right and feeder, and water

Nesting boxes and feeder in storage area.
Thanks for looking.
Yes b/c the run looks like it is chicken wire and raccoons can tear thru that. My run has only chicken wire and I lock my girls up in their coop every night .
Having the bottom enclosed in hardware cloth is a great idea, but using chicken wire to enclose the run maybe not so much. You will have to lock them up at night in the coop and let them into the run during the day, but there are plenty of predators that can get through that chicken wire during the daytime too, esp when those predators are rearing young. If you can, you may want to think about replacing that chicken wire. The coop is really really pretty! I love the red accents!
What a nice little coop!

I would go with the suggestions of adding hardware cloth to the run to keep out those stray predators that might come around during the day. Otherwise, Bravo!

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