New DUCK EGG Cartons! Customized!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Jeeper1540, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Hey BYCers. I just wanted to take some time to show you guys my new Egg Cartons, bought specifically for duck Eggs. I bought them on and customized them myself. the really small labels on the front i bought pre-printed on the website, but the rest i bought blank and printed on them from my computer. I have made numerous orders with this company, and recommend it to everyone. I decided this was a good time to buy, because they were doing a sale where you get free shipping on any order, and my ducks are scheduled to start laying in the next few weeks. For those looking to buy, the sale is still on until Midnight on the 18th, and you can get as little as 25 egg cartons, which is great for just a little family farm.





    [​IMG] Hope you enjoyed!! [​IMG]
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    Good job !
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    Those are great! Can I ask what size carton you got, and how much they run for how many? I had to order jumbo egg cartons a while back, and had a hard time finding reasonably priced ones.
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    I like the color on your labels. However to be fair to your customers and comply with government rules, you need a little more information on the label. To call your eggs "Grade A" I believe is against the law unless you are inspected facility. Here is one of ours, adulterated of course, that we use to sell out of local food co-ops.


    We buy the jumbo Sodesa plastic egg cartons from They work well for pekin and muscovy duck eggs, which are very large.
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    I got the cartons specifically for duck eggs. you get 25 for around $16 dollars, but its a great deal right now because of the free shipping. Duck Egg Cartons
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    Well right now i am just selling to a couple neighbors, so no harm done, but when i have more birds laying and stat selling at, say, the farmers market or something i'll change them
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    I think they are great!

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