New duck mommy with a question about ground covering


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Good afternoon everyone. We are in the process of building our coops for our ducks and chickens. I think we plan on splitting the coop in half so one side is for ducks and one side chickens. I had ducks years ago and just remember that I could never really clean the run due to it just being mud mixed with poo lol. I was wondering if sand would work better so it could be raked out? We will have a big pond in there for them with a large pond filter that out local pet store uses for his large indoor pond that has many turtles in it. Would sand hurt the ducks?


5 Years
Mar 4, 2014
Howey In The Hills, Florida

Welcome Aboard,
I built a 10'x10' open bottom duck house with wheels on one end. I have a tow bar contraption to move it around The duck pasture is fairly flat and I roll landscape timbers along the sides. So far nothing has tried to dig under it. With 23 ducks, I roll it to a fresh patch of grass once a week. I end up with a very green 10'x10' square of grass after a few weeks.

As far as sand, considering all the dirt they seem to eat then drop in their pool, I doubt it will bother them. If anything it probably helps a little, like grit.


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