new duckie.... what is he???


8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
just got this little guy... im thinking east indies?? he small and not too loud.

this one shows a weird discoloration arround eyes, he is only my third duck so im not familiar with that.

Don't know what breed he is, but I do know he sure is a cutie!
yes he was quite adorable and i had set out to get some silkies (which i took home two a white and a black one) and he was there and me and DH fell in love with him!! he is quite frisky too. i think we will have some fun with him.
He is very cute- I noticed the patch of feathers missing around his eye- Did you check him over for lice? It could be something like that irritating him.
I didnt know of batnam cayugas either but he sure looks like one unless its a cross with a call duck or something.

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