New duckling


5 Years
Dec 24, 2017
something weird happened today.
We were sure all our ducks are female yet surprisingly I went looking for our noisy Aylesbury in its house. I found a hatched duckling. I couldn’t believe what I seen.
A baby! 2 out of 3 of our ducks are Muscovy, definitely female. So it looks like a little Muscovy but the dad has to be the big white Aylesbury.
My question is will this young chick be a hybrid? Look like the mom and dad? I’ve not seen this before, so I’m curious if anyone here has.
Congratulations on the new baby!
Anytime 2 different breeds cross it is a hybrid. Muscovies and Mallard based ducks are capable of crossing, however it will be a mule. Likely a very beautiful mule though. Could you post a pic? :)
It just looks like a Muscovy right now. The other egg didn’t fully hatch, poor thing died

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