New ducklings-please help!!!


May 28, 2020
Please help! My moscovy duck (they are free ranged back yard) hatched her first batch of babies today(I noticed them at 8am) , some have not hatched so she is still sitting on them. i have put our male in a pin for the time being, I do not want him to hurt the babies. We have a small kiddie pool for our grown ducks, nothing that a ducklings can get to. i do not plan on keeping any of the ducklings, but I do plan on leaving them with mom until someone can get them. But when is the earliest I can remove them? Say if someone wanted to get 2 of the ducklings today can I remove just 2 or do I need to remove all so she don’t get traumatized or do I wait 2 weeks then remove all? thank you!!!
Hello! I have chickens and not ducks, but I would assume that the mama duck would be just fine if you had to take a duckling or two away. In nature, ducklings pass away and the mothers are usually always fine, so to the mama I don't think she will be affected. Make sure that the mama and ducklings are separate from the other ducks for a little bit so they cant get hurt. sometimes the little ones can get injured or killed by the big ducks. I am no expert, don't have ducks, and have never hatched ducklings from a mama, so I am not 100% positive! hope this helps!
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Wait until they dry off and be sure they are healthy, but after that they're good. They don't always survive the first 24 hours, so the mom won't mind if you take some away (and they can't count lol), but you might want to wait until after then to sell them ya'know.
Would you send some pictures though?

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