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  1. firsttimehatch1

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    Apr 15, 2015
    hey everyone. My eggs are on their way here. My girlfriend just picked them up from the farm. They said they are about 2 - 3 days old. my question is what do I do when they get here? my incubator is ready to go.
  2. ChickenCanoe

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    Fire 'em up.

    If she hasn't shaken them up on the way, they're ready to incubate.
  3. AmyLynn2374

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    Oct 11, 2014
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    If your incubator has been running and you know you have a steady temp, (Have you checked your thermometers and hygrometers for accuracy?), and your humidity is where you want it, candle the eggs and make sure there's no hairline cracks and everything looks good and then you are ready to set. If you are using an automatic turner like the styrobators use you want to put them pointed end down. If you are not using a turner most likely you will be laying them down and hand turning at least 3 xs a day.

    Still air incubator should be maintaining 101-102F temps (taken near the tops of the eggs) and forced air should be 99.5F

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