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Nov 22, 2014
Mt Juliet Tn
I have never raised a baby chick. I have bought juvenile hens and raised them but I never got a chicks because of the intensity of taking care of them. But I got five chicks about three weeks ago. I have them in the house in a huge tub. I change the shavings every day and work hard at keeping things out of their water. They are beginning to fly out of the box and poo is getting on the hardwood floors. I have a pretty good size dog crate that I’m going to keep them in when they go outside. I have two other hens that are not warm and fuzzy, They are cold and hateful. When can I put the chicks outside? I could bring them in at night but I think they need fresh air too. I went to different websites and gleaned some information but if anyone here that can give me some ideas or url I good chick raising sites I would appreciate it


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Apr 21, 2018
Robertson County, TN
Once they are feathered in fully, they will be ok to be outside full time. I am in TN also and I've put chicks out around 5 to 5 1/2 weeks old and they were fine. They need a safe and secure coop to house them in though and a way to get out of the elements. Especially with the storms we get here in TN. They will snuggle together for warmth at night. As for introducing them to older hens.... a way to keep them separate from each other with a look but can't touch approach is best. Otherwise, the older ones may hurt and or kill them. They may not but older chickens can be mean. Getting them to be one happy family isn't impossible, but it can be challenging and it takes time.

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