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A little less than a year ago we embarked on creating the worlds best database of chicken breed information and pictures. Our members have worked together to create this wonderful new BYC Chicken Breeds Database

We're excited to announce a new feature which will allow you to search the database for specific breed characteristics. It is a pretty robust system with quite a few options.

Check it out here:

A few things to remember:
1) By default all the criteria boxes are selected which will return all the breeds in the database
2) Each row must have at least one box checked or your search will return 0 results
3) To make it a little easier to select / unselect boxes, there is a "Select: All / None" feature at the top left of the page.

Keep in mind this system is new (i.e., we're still in BETA testing mode) and we're still working to perfect it. If you have any problems please post them here with very specific information (what you selected, what you were expecting and what happened instead). If your search does not return what you expected, please note:

1) The breed may not be in our database. Go here to check and then go here to request that the breed be added.
2) The breed is in the database but either the information is different than expected, or maybe incorrect. Please report any misinformation HERE (list the breed name, wrong / right info).

We hope all our site visitors find this new tool useful! We look forward to your feedback.
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