New feeder is awesome


5 Years
Jul 13, 2014
Sulphur, Louisiana
Finally got my new feeder built. Idea from another member. Had a 100# chlorine bucket for my pool and put four, three inch 90's mounted on the sides. No waste, rain proof, holds a 50# sack of feed and the chicks went to it without a hitch. No more filling feeder every day.
5 gallon bucket works as well. Would only let me add one pic in a post from my phone. Gotta upgrade my water system next. Currently using a one gallon water jug for now. It lasts a couple days which is not bad. I like them to have fresh water anyway
I've been thinking for a while too. It rains often here so I was thinking of doing nipple waterers on the bottom of a five gallon bucket and leaving the top open but with the amount of mosquitoes here I can't do that..
This is what I'm looking at. The float keeps a level in the cup unlike other brands. Only bad thing is it comes from Australia which makes shipping cost a little higher.. Want to mount them on a bucket big enough to hold 2-3 gallons of water. I only have 9 pullets and like to keep the water fresh

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