new female layer first egg and had a bad prolapse should i euthanasia?


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8 Years
Sep 15, 2011
hello, i have 2 male racing pigeons with 2 white pigeon females and one female layed her first egg only to poop out half her uterus as well. it was bad. i washed it and gently pushed it back in, but later it was out again. my experience with birds and pro laps is that its kinder to euthanize them as this problem will plague them for the rest of their life.
but how does this happen? is it genetics?
also i am begining to think that it is not a good idea to have these smaller white pigeons in with larger racers.
and im also thinking that one of the female white pigeons are actualy male! what a mess.
starting out with pigeons was fun untill the two boys began fighting constantly.

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