New from NJ


10 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Warren County, NJ
Hello, my husband and I are new to chickens. We have 42 week old chicks! Our neighbor will be taking half of the chickens in a few months. I am finding it impossible to get anything done around the house because I keep playing with the chicks. They are just precious! Supposedly they are all females. We'll see! I know it may be kind of early to tell, one of the Jersey Giants has legs that are a LOT larger than the others, so maybe that will be my rooster.

Welcome! I'm in Hunterdon County!
Cool! We go to the Warren County Farmer's Fair every summer! We chase for our friend's hot air balloon!
Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes!

jrleader99, I live up north in Warren County.

Sadly we lost one last night, so we are down to 41. The poor thing has difficulty breathing. We separated her when we realized there was a problem, so i am hoping that it wasn't anything contagious. I cannot believe how attached I have gotten to them after just 1 week. So far though,they are wonderful. A little wyandotte has taken a liking to me and follows me around the house when i take her out for a few minutes.

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