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8 Years
May 23, 2011
Hi! We just got our first little flock... it may end up huge though.

On April 21st we bought 10 Jersey Giant chicks and 10 Barred Rocks. I love them - I didn't expect to like them soo much!

I'll be posting in What Gender about our BRs. we seem to have 10 of the same gender whatever that may be.

We have 2 black Giant roos and 8 hens --- the roos are so adorable although (and I hope this offends no one) we'll probably have to eat one of them.

ANYHOW - love this sight and thought after lurking a while it was time to chime in

Edit - I mean site :p
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I have a good idea where you are Sourland - We're just on the other side of 202/31 from you!

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