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Sep 25, 2009
Hi everyone!

Anyway, after lurking for months and months, I'm just coming out of the woodwork to say "hi"!

I'm a new potential chicken owner--we haven't gotten any chicks yet, but my husband and I are seriously looking into it. We live in the Upstate SC. We plan to be "small-time", no more than half a dozen hens. I know, I know, everyone says I'll get hooked, but since we live in the suburbs and we're "flying under the radar" so to speak I'm pretty confidant that we'll keep it small.

Out of curiousity, does anyone think I would be totally crazy to buy 25 chicks and try to sell the rest? MPC currently has a 25 female chick special--but we don't need anything close to 25. I was thinking of picking out 5 or 6 we liked and trying to sell the rest on Craigslist or something like that.


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Aug 5, 2009
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from WI. There are a few things you can consider to get chickens....Buy the 25 and post the surplus on Craigslist, here in the BST section, a sign at the feedstore, local paper.....Remember that even orders of sexed chickens may not be all girls. It is approx 90-95% accurate on average...You can also try to find others to split the order with before you get them. But either way, have a plan what to do with extras, roos etc. As long as they are in th brooder you can stay under the radar so you have a little time. You can also find a hatchery for small orders (3 chickens and over....MyPetChicken and Meyers do that, I think one of the hatcheries has a minimum $ order, regardless of #chickens) Ordering small # chickens is usually expensive due to shipping/heating. You can also post on BYC and see if anyone in your area has chickens....check the BST section. Good luck
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When I first started raising chickens, I only kept between 5 and 7. It stayed that way for several years. If you only want a few it might be better to go through your local feed store in spring. Just research what kind of chickens you want first and make sure they are ordering from a reputable hatchery.
You will still need a brooder (homemade is fine). They are usually only 2 days old when they come in and in my area all of the feed stores sell out very fast! Just don't expect to get any expert advice from the feed stores they rarely know much about their product except how to sell you their most expensive stock! Otherwise it's better to find someone to split an order of chicks with first since they can't be shipped again (after 3 days they need lots of food and water)
Good Luck and welcome!!!

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