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I have been putting back together my coop for the last coupe of weeks and have been buying some chicks here and there. I have taken my chances with pullets. 6 production Reds and 6 production mix. Those are two weeks and are now in my coop. Then I w
[/IMG][/IMG]as given 10 Barred Plymouth Rock 1 amerucuna and 1 Rhode Island by an elementary class that hatched as a class project. I also have 6 baby ducks. I still have more to do with my coop but it's coming along. I haven't had chickens in years and never been as serious about being green and self sufficient on our property as I am now. I am ready to feed my family organically without paying a ton. We have the space. We need to use it!
Hi all newbie here from dfw texas. Already posting for help. Lol nice to meet u all.
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sounds like you are putting together a nice little flock! Your chicks and ducklings are really cute. Good luck with the coop build and getting it all arranged.
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Welcome to BYC!

Very cute ducklings! I don't know anything about ducks other than how cute they are and I love the quacking!!

So glad you could join our community and welcome to our flock!

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