New guy here


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
Hello everyone, I kinda stumbled on this site when I was searching for some roller pigeons. Having a hard time finding any that aren't $50 each. If anyone has any for sale, I am Wanting to get back in the pigeons with my kids. I live in Texas down by Houston. Thanks.
the first sunday in the fair grounds in conroe there is a big bird swap if you are close if not give me your local and will help know lot of roller guy in texas
just saw they change the date to oct. 13 for the bird swap in conroe

Do you have a link to more information about this bird swap event?

I am going to the Canary & Finch Society 18th Annual Bird Show on October 12th in Houston. It's for breeders and owners of canaries, finches, parrots, etc... but I would love to attend something that's oriented around pigeons and doves, as well. Are there going to be other birds there? Companion parrots, maybe? I'm always looking for opportunities to network, socialize with fellow bird fancies and find local breeders, so please let me know!

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