new hatch eye shut


10 Years
Jun 23, 2009
I have a new chick who amazingly made it through the night - purty sure its yolk sac was hanging out - now its doing its thing chirping and running around - but its one eye seems to be fused shut - how do i help the poor thing out it keeps bumping into things.
also where the yolk sac was hanging out is a mess should I wash the chick or just let it be for a few days and see how it heals on its own.
Have you tried to treat the eye with a gentle clean with a warm water facecloth? Myself I would leave the yolk sac area at first to let it heal/close up by itself if it can. How is the chick doing now?
it seems to be ok not great just ok - the sac is gone i snipped it last night cause it kept getting tangled in its feet. It has dried out quite nicely actually.
baby is still a bit floppy like its head is to heavy lol. but seems to be getting its feet under it more often now and actually getting somewheres.
I have electrolyte water and food in the brooder for it and I wiped its eye with a damp q tip - funny thing i think its cause the lightbulb in the incubator was to bright for it or something
cause under the red heat lamp it is doing fine.
So the eye is better under the heat lamp? That's good. Good luck to the little one, hopefully it will continue to strengthen!

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