New hatch has curled feet

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9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
Hi all! I helped this little guy out last night after he/she had a hard time getting out, was working hard and seemed to be getting weak, so after 13 hours post pip, I helped it out. There was no bleeding or was clearly ready, however it has curled feet and doesn't seem to be able to walk. It's sooooo tiny and adorable, I hate to hear "cull it"! Anybody have any insight?
Make him some shoes out of thin cardboard and use some cut band aids to tape down the straightened toes to the cardboard.
Leave on a few days. He will straighten out just fine.
My first cull ever.
I tried the shoes, they came off pretty quick. Then I used superglue instead of bandaid. It couldn't walk, and just kept peeping unhappily until the cull. Sucks but I think it was the right thing to do. Now for the nightmares.....
you can also use very thin cut strips of vet tape, it is not east to wrap their toes and feet, but the vet tape sticks to itself, have been using this on some of mine that hatched out this year, a few days of the wrap works great on bent toes and curled feet.
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