New hatched chick not getting up and moving...what should I do?


In the Brooder
May 19, 2020
Western Wisconsin
Hi! So round 2 in the incubator hit day 21 today, and boy are the chicks leaping out of their shells!!!
We’ve got 5 healthy chicks, moving around and drying off, and one chick that got out of the egg, but has been laying on its side since. It’s belly button is a little red, but there’s no blood and it looks like everything has been absorbed properly. One leg is a bit bigger than the other and it’s not moving it around as much. I’m wondering what I should do?
The other 5 chicks are about dried off and I’m about ready to move them to the brooding box, but don’t want to open the incubator if this guy should be left in peace. However, the other 5 chicks are starting to harass it so I am wondering if I should move them out and leave the last one be. Or if I should move him to his own ICU box in the brooder.
Any advice is welcome! Thanks!


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